Everything has something to say

Everything has something to say
Mixed-media, site specific

A cheerful collection of impressions from in and around East London, this work is a celebration of vegetable stalls, shopping bags, groceries and lottery tickets, moving through our consciousness as we pass through the streets.

This playful installation is featuring three projections, two on opposite walls of the gallery and one in a corner just above head height.Two of the videos show a colourful collection of fruit and vegetable cut-outs digitally mounted on coloured backdrops and presented to us one after the other. Blueberry, blackberry, asparagus, avocado, artichoke, etc. Each vegetable slowly enlarges before it’s replaced by the next one. The third projection shows a more cryptic animation switching between different illustrations: abstractions of striped shopping bags assembling and disassembling and a £ sign with the line of text ‘Losing is a lovely game’.

The rhythmic offering plays to the beats of songs of Pakistani and other origins coming through a speaker in the background. It’s devotional music, celebratory and upbeat, speaking of love, life and god.